THE MG reference (Michel Genet). This Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut is the iconic product of the manufacturers of Greands Crus that Antoine, Vincent and Agnès GENET are.
It translates the noble, fine and elegant maturity of the Chardonnay of the House.


Category : Grand cru
Blending : 100 % Chardonnay (Blanc de blancs).
• Dosage : 2,5 g/l  (Brut Nature)
Vinification : First racking in January. Malolactic fermentation made on lees to let for the expression of terroir and for obtaining an aromatic, voluptuous wine. Follow-up of the plots in winery, separate vinification by plots.


Eye : Pale yellow colour with gold hints. Nice, regular bubble string.
Nose : The nose offers a floral and vegetal universe: ripe wheat, violet, menthol-liquorice, honeysuckle, and hawthorn. The charm works through its finesse and elegance with delicacy. Finesse and elegance of Chardonnay
Palate : After a smooth attack in the palate, some creamy, if not milky, dimension expresses with meringue notes of nuts and fresh almonds, all in finesse, elegance and delicacy. A finish on exotic fruits with pineapples and yellow fruits.
Descriptors : Sweet, voluptuous, modern, evanescent, elegant, balanced.


Type : Original, modern.
Tasters : All Consumers.
Tasting occasions : Wine for aperitif and meals. To be drunk with lemon meringue pie, soufflé with fish & curry, crayfish.


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